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Comprehensive Legal Back Office Support

Leading law firms rely on us for customized processing solutions that raise operational efficiency, while cutting costs significantly.

To remain competitive, businesses today need partners, not only to manage their business processes, but also to enable them to enhance and optimize business operations to realize hidden value.  Lexvia is that partner. We are a premier legal back office support firm focused on helping you achieve operational efficiencies, significant cost savings, and a strategically competitive cost structure.

Our Sector Focus
We work with leading law firms using our unique global sourcing model. We have extensive experience working with practice areas ranging from litigation and insurance, to bankruptcy and corporate law & finance. A sample of our sector focus is highlighted below:

Our Services
We pride ourselves on providing our clients with high quality, secure, technology leveraged and process efficient solutions. Essentially, we function as an econominal, virtual, yet tightly integrated extension of our clients' legal teams. Some of the solution areas that we deliver include:

Litigation Support Services:

Our Litigation Services Group is composed of a highly experienced and enthusiastic staff. We seamlessly integrate into our clients’ teams by using their existing litigation support software and processes.  As a result, we are able to manage the entire case processing lifecycle. Lexvia's Litigation Support Services include:

  • Comprehensive Case Management - Managing the case from start to finish; managing all aspects of case work at various stages i>Document Management and Review - Drafting Pleadings, Reserach Notes, Contracts etc.
  • Information Management - Indexing, organizing, and searching and archiving information pertinent to cases
  • Research & Analytics - Customized research and analytics on a wide variety of data sets, financial, insurance, medical, etc.
  • Medical Analytics - PhysicMedical Analytics - Physician led analysis, summarization, chronologies of complex medical records
  • Client Support Services - Mass mailings, intakes and correspondence.
  • >To learn about how we can assist you with our Litigation Support Services, please click here >

    E-discovery & File And Document Management:

    For many firms, litigation is an inherent cost of doing business.   As a result of the explosive increase in electronically-stored information, the costs involved in gathering, culling, and reviewing documents has risen exponentially over the last decade. Litigation teams and law firms need a strong partner to provide document review and management services that can meet the quality standards as well as contain the costs involved. Our Document Management team is fully equipped to handle the data processing demands that suit your needs. Our offerings include:

  • Indexing and Objective coding
  • Scanning and multiple format conversions
    Learn about how we can assist you with our e-Discovery & File and Document Management Services, please click here >

Intellectual Property And Patent Litigation Support Services:
Our Intellectual Property related services strive to deliver superior quality that ensures protection of intellectual property and minimizes the likelihood of litigation. Our services include:

  • Prior art search
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Initial patent drafting
  • IP asset management
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